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Setting up grade syncing from Canvas to PowerSchool

NOTE: You have to do this for every new course. These settings are not copied when you copy a course.

Setup grades in PowerTeacher Pro

You’ve probably already done this, but it is a good time to check that your grades are setup correctly in PowerTeacher Pro. You can do that in PowerTeacher Pro by clicking on Settings and Traditional Grade Calculations. Click the arrow next to your class and verify that it looks like this for a semester long class –it should contain each of the reporting terms below and each reporting term should have the formula type shown. But if you have a hexamester class you should have H1 with Category Weighting.

Then click on the edit pencil and verify that the categories you want are present and in percentages that match the grading guidelines.

Make any changes as needed. Don’t forget to check out both quarters for a semester course. These are the categories that we will be syncing between Canvas and PowerSchool, so it’s important that they are setup the way you want. As long as you’re here, you might as well check your other courses as well.

Import the PowerSchool categories into Canvas

In Canvas, select the course that you want to sync and choose Assignments from the course menu on the left. If your categories look like this then you’re done (notice the little arrow after formative):

But if they look like this then you should keep going:

To import the catagories from PowerSchool so that you can sync them, click on the vertical ellipse next to the blue +Assignments button and choose “Import Assignment Groups”.

Then click on the Add button.

Now take a short break while Canvas and PowerSchool exchange pleasantries. This usually takes about a minute.

Move assignments into the new groups.

You should see your new groups at the bottom of the assignment list. They are probably named the same as assignment groups that you have previously created or that were imported from this course in a previous term. That’s okay.

You can move all of your assignments in just a couple of steps. Click on the vertical ellipse on the right hand side of the old assignment group (the one without the sync arrow). and choose “Move Content”.

Select the correct Assignment Group. It is probably the one with the same name. Canvas won’t let you move content into the same group, so the fact that it has the same name isn’t a problem. You can leave the Place drop down alone, because there is no content in this group right now. Finally click the blue Move button.

Repeat this step for each of the categories that you are going to sync to PowerSchool.

Remove the old assignment categories

Note: It is okay to have assignment categories that do not sync to PowerSchool. I have a category of assignments that is not included in their grade, but is a reminder to do certain things that are part of their grade. These “assignments” appear on their To Do List and Calendar, but are not in PowerSchool.

But these are assignment groups that you are syncing to PowerSchool, and it would be confusing for you and the students to have them in twice, so delete the old assignment groups

From the vertical ellipse to the right of the old category, choose “Delete” and when the pop-up box opens, click on “Okay”.

Change the assignment group weights

Finally, click on the vertical ellipse at the top of the page next to the blue +Assignment button and choose “Assignment Groups Weight”.

Change the weights to be the same ones you used in PowerTeacher Pro and click the blue Save button. This will make the final grade in Canvas closer to the final grade in PowerSchool. But for semester courses they will probably not be equal because Canvas has no concept of two quarters with equal weight.

That’s it. Repeat this process for your other new courses and you’re done until the start of the next Semester or Hexamester. You might want to turn Automatic Syncing on now.

If you want to see if it is working, go to Grades -> Actions -> Sync to PTP…

Updated on September 1, 2020

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