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Recalculate Final Grades

Occasionally, for no apparent reason, Final Grade calculation in PowerSchool seems to go awry. These steps will force PowerSchool to recalculate final grades and think about what it has done. Students are likely to notice this before you do.

  1. Open PowerTeacher Pro (log into the PowerSchool website and it’s the top left link).
  2. Choose the class you want to check from the dropdown menu in the top center of the screen.
  3. Choose S1 or S2 from the dropdown on the right side of the screen (or the appropriate term for a Hexamester course).
  4. Click “Grading” on the left and choose “Scoresheet”.
  5. Notice the grade of the student in question.
  6. Click the Gear icon in the upper(ish) right and choose “Recalculate Final Grades”.
  7. Check to see if the final grade looks correct now.

When I have to do this, I change the dropdown to my other classes and do it for them as well.

Updated on April 3, 2023

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