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Setting up student teacher accounts

  1. Get names and email addresses from Matt.
  2. in Google: Create real @lincolnlutheran.org accounts for them in the Misc -> Student Teachers OU. Use your own password, you’re the only one who will ever log into the account, and that’s only to setup the forwarding.
  3. Get the student-teacher1, student-teacher2… wifi passwords form Aerohive and add them to the email below.
  4. Send them an email warning them to expect a confirmation code for this forward that you are about to setup. The email template is below (you should just have to add the name at the start and the WiFi password).
  5. Log into each of the new email account and setup a forwarder to their normal account. (You could wait a few hours between #4 and #5 to give them a chance to see the email).
  6. in Google: add each of them to the “Student Teacher” group. This group is already part of Teachers and Everyone, so you don’t have to add them to those groups. If they are student teaching with a 6th grade teacher, add them to the 6th grade class group (just that teacher).
  7. Once Matt has them setup in PowerSchool, make sure they have an email address then create a teacher login for them. Use the same password you used for the WiFi.
  8. The next day send them a followup email (below) to their LL address to make sure forwarding is working.


I’m the technology coordinator at Lincoln Lutheran, and I want to let you know about a couple of things.

1) I am setting you up with a Lincoln Lutheran email address. This email simply forwards to your normal email address. You won’t have to login to this account and check it. But our students are used to emailing teachers with addresses of the form Initial+LastName@lincolnlutheran.org, so you’ll have one just like the rest of us.

2) You will receive an email from Google asking you if it is okay to have email forwarded from Lincoln Lutheran to your normal email address. When you get the email you can: “Click the link below to confirm the request”. That will open a webpage where you can also click a confirm button.

3) You have also been added to our various email lists, and you will probably begin receiving emails shortly. You might want to setup an email rule that adds [LL] –or whatever– to incoming email from lincolnlutheran.org. I can help you with that if you want. This will be an annoying amount of email after you are finished student teaching here, and I will forget to take you off the email lists, so please send me a reminder when you’re annoyed and I will remove you. 

4) Your WiFi password for the “LL Educational WiFi” is XXXXXXXXXXXX. You could also use the “LL Guest WiFi” which doesn’t have a password, but you will not be able to print or connect to the AppleTVs (to project). And it would ask you every few hours to reconnect. It’s quite annoying.

For the two items below, I’ll send you another email letting you know when they are setup.

5) Mr. Heibel will be adding you to PowerSchool (our Student Information System), which you will use when you are taking attendance (and not really anything else). You log into PowerSchool at: https://ll.powerschool.com/teachers. Your username is your firstname.lastname (all lower case), and your password will be the same as your WiFi password above.

6) The day after your PowerSchool account is setup, your Canvas (our Learning Management System) account will be automatically setup. If you haven’t used Canvas before, it is more or less like Blackboard, Moodle, Schoology and their ilk. You’ll log on to it at https://ll.instructure.com. Your username is your firstname.lastname (all lower case), and your password will be the same as your WiFi password above.

7) If you could reply that you got this message, I’ll know that I have your email address correct. I look forward to meeting you, and let me know if you have any questions.

Followup Email:


Your PowerSchool and Canvas usernames and passwords should be working now. Would you try to login to them and let me know if it works? The login information is in the previous email that I sent.


Cooperating Teacher email:

I just added your student teacher to Canvas. You can add them to whatever courses you want by using the people menu. You can add them as a teacher and they will be able to do everything that you can do or you can add them as a TA and they won’t be able to change the course, but they will be able to view the course and enter grades

Their username is firstname.lastname, but I think you can search for their name as well when adding them. You might have to remind them that they will receive an email invitation to join your class that they have to respond to before they will see the class.

They have a normal Lincoln Lutheran teacher email address so that students can easily contact them. This is not an actual email account that they need to check. I just forward emails to their normal @cune.org email address so they don’t have to check in two places. They should receive emails that are sent to everyone@lincolnlutheran.org and teachers@lincolnlutheran.org.

I sent them a password that they can use to get on the LL Educational Wi-Fi network as well.

I’m not sure if that password gets them into Canvas or if they will need to do the “forgot password” thing the first time they log into Canvas.

Updated on August 31, 2021

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