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Creating Accounts For New Staff Members

NOTE: There is a spreadsheet called New Staff Checklist where you can record these steps as you go through them. It also contains a few additional notes.

Master Staff List

On the Master Staff spreadsheet, record the following:

  • Name
  • Temp password


In PowerSchool on the right in the People section click on Create Staff and add the following (clicking submit at the end):

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email address
  • Teacher number of the form: SchoolYear-NextNumber-LS for example: 2324008LS. This is completely arbitrary, but must be unique.
  • Staff type

Click on Security Settings on the right and add the following if they are teachers:

  • Check on first day of work “Sign in to PowerTeacher”
  • Teacher Username is first initial + last name: lsommerer
  • Teacher Password: passwordpassword (they will be prompted to change it on first login)
  • Identity Provider Global ID: their school email address
  • School Affiliations: Lincoln Lutheran is probably already there.

Click on the “Admin Access and Roles” tab if they will need access to the admin portion of PowerSchool:

  • Check on first day of work “Sign in to Administrative Portion of PowerSchool”
  • Admin Username is first initial + last name: lsommerer
  • Admin Password: passwordpassword (they willbe prompted to change it on first login.
  • Default Group: change to correct group
  • Roles and Schools: Click blue “add” button:
    • Check schools (probably Lincoln Lutheran and Graduates)
    • Click Next
    • Click “Use All Roles”
    • Check the appropriate roles
    • Click OK
    • Click Submit


Log into a Google admin account and under users click add users. Fill in:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Primary email (first initial + last name)

Click on Manage password and organizational unit

  • Change Organizational unit to Faculty or Staff
  • Click Create password
  • add temporary password
  • Note that if they don’t sign in within the next 2 weeks, they won’t have a chance to enroll in 2 factor authentication, and you’ll have to go to their account to grad a temporary code for them to log in the first time.

Click on their name (not the blue DONE button) and:

  • Click on “ADD TO GROUPS” on the left and add them to the “everyone” group and to whatever other groups they belong. If you are not familiar with the groups, click on “Groups” on the far left and scan down for ones you should maybe add them to.
  • You may need to add them to some shared drives, but they get most of those automatically be being members of the “everyone”, “teachers”, “administrators” and so forth groups. To do this, log in asaccounts@lincolnlutheran.org and look at the options for shared drives.


After they have a name and email address in PowerSchool, Canvas will create their account in the early morning hours. Once they have a schedule in PowerSchool, Canvas will create their courses or add them to existing courses.

After Canvas creates their account, Find them in Admin: Lincoln Lutheran: People. Click on their name. Click on the pencil edit icon in the “Login Information” section, and add their temporary password.

After Canvas creates their account, for each of the courses that they will be teaching, give them “Teaching Assistant” access to the course taught by the previous teacher by adding them in the People section for those courses. If the course has ended, you will have to change the course end date to today, but note the actual end date, because you will want to change it back once you have added them to the course.

Wireless Access

Log in to ExtremeCloud IQ, and from the left choose: Configure: User Management: Users. Click on the “+” icon and add the following:

  • Create account in user group: LL-Employees
  • Name: Firstname Lastname
  • Email Address: their school email
  • Password: temporary password (do not click on the blue “generate” button.
  • click the blue “save” button at the bottom


Log into zoom.us using your google account. On the left choose User Management: Users: then “+ Add Users” on the right:

  • Enter their email(s) in the top section
  • User Type: Licensed (if they need one). If you need a license, you probably also need to remove a license from the person who left. You can do that by searching for them and changing their license type.
  • User Group: Teachers (or whatever)


I think they only way to do this is to do the export/import process that you do when you create all of the student and teacher accounts at the start of the school year. Looks like you’re on your own here. But you only have to do this is you are adding an English or Math teacher.


Maybe just tell them that they have a Canva account. It is created automatically since it is SSO from their Google account.

Computer Account

Create a non-admin account on the computer they will be using.


I think you just have to create the account. If you want to make it easier on them, you could make sure that Adobe and Google Drive work. The process will be similar to the PC process below.


There’s a help article with the steps to follow on a PC. If you are adding a new computer, take one off the shelf or reimage one with the FOG server.

Updated on October 9, 2023

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