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Setting up new users on PCs

Just some reminders on what to do when you setup a new PC for someone or add a new user to a PC. If you are a random person reading this, we don’t have AD running.

  • From the admin account, add the user
  • Login as the user
  • Turn off “News & Interests” on the task bar (it just slows things down)
  • Remove Windows store and email from the taskbar
  • Pin Chrome to the taskbar
  • From Task Manager, remove Teams and OneDrive from startup items
  • Remove Teams shortcut from desktop
  • Change Chrome to your default app (search “default”)
  • Start Chrome and log into email
  • Start Google Drive
  • Start Adobe Acrobat and sign in
  • Make sure Google Drive works
  • In Chrome, allow acrobat extensions (error in upper right)
  • Add copy codes to printers and test
Updated on August 31, 2023

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