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How do I write on PDFs in Canvas?

As you know, eBackpack had built in tools to let you write on (annotate) certain kinds of documents. As you also know, it didn’t always work well for every student.

Historically, Canvas has taken a different approach. In Canvas, we din’t have built in tools to annotate on documents, but canvas does make it easy to download documents to your device, use other apps (programs) to write on the documents and upload the document to turn it in to your teacher.

Teachers will usually provide a PDF document if they want you to write on the document. Here are some PDF annotation programs that you might want to try. Different people have different preferences and needs, and there are dozens of programs like these, so if you don’t like these, search for a different “PDF Annotation Program”.

Now, of course, you can use the annotation features that are built into Canvas. But if they are not working the way you would like, you can still use any of these.

For Chromebooks:

For Microsoft Surface and Windows 10:

For iOS (iPads & iPhones):

For Android Devices:

For MacOS:

If you have another program that you like, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Updated on September 4, 2019

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