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Registering for ISTE

  1. There are 3 ways that your registration might be paid for. You should know which before you begin:
    1. Entering our own credit card information and will be reimbursed by LPS which can take some time. (not for religion teachers)
    2. Entering your own credit card information and will be reimbursed by Lincoln Lutheran which doesn’t take long at all (for religion teachers).
    3. Enter a PO confirmation number (ask Lloyd for the PO number).
  2. Go to the ISTE registration site.
    1. If you’ve been to ISTE before, enter your email address (you probably used your school email) and your password. Then click the Start Register button. If you can’t remember your password, click the Forgot Password button.
    2. If you haven’t been to ISTE before, you’ll have to create an account. I recommend using your school email and whatever password you normally use for things that are not that important –then enter it into your password manager. You will need this password! Agree to the privacy policy. Then click the Start Register button.
  3. The first screen (CONTACT INFORMATION) is pretty straight forward.
    1. Don’t forget to add your twitter handle at the bottom. They do some fun stuff with Twitter at the conference.
    2. You might want to click the button that excludes you from the vendor email/mail list (it’s up to you).
    3. I enter my mobile number for Telephone, and have only ever received helpful texts from ISTE.
    4. It’s important that you click on NETA as your ISTE AFFILIATE. And check the bottom box that says that ISTE can tell NETA that. This is how NETA knows how many places to reserve at their reception which is pretty good and to which we will be going.
  4. The next screen (ABOUT YOU). This is pretty straight forward. Here are a few hints:
    • Our institution URL is lincolnlutheran.org
    • We are a Title 1 school.
    • Note that you can check more than one box for the check boxes.
  5. On (PARTICIPATION PROFILE) We are NOT part of a conference registration group (The minimum size for a group is 10 people), and you don’t have a coupon code. You might click on “First ISTE Conference” if it is. You don’t want to be a volunteer.
  6. (REGISTRATION OPTIONS) Choose the first option “ISTELive 23 Philadelphia $695”. Then click the first check box “Add ISTE Membership $85…” The membership will get you some discounts, and will actually lower the cost of the conference by $15. Click the Transfer policy and Code of Conduct boxes at the bottom.
  7. (LEADERSHIP EXCHANGE) We’re not interested in this. Just click Continue (this one takes a bit to get to the next screen).
  8. (CREATION LAB SESSIONS) You can register for one of these per day (so up to 3 total). These are not the only sessions during these times, so if none of them look like something you would be interested in, you don’t have to select any. but this is a good time to select them if you are interested, because they will fill up. NOTE that you can click on the information link for more, um, information. Also NOTE that some of them are quite late in the day. If you pick anything after 5:00pm, you’ll probably be on your own (but you certainly can).

    This is also the first time they have had Creation Lab sessions on Sunday. Feel free to register for one on Sunday if you want, but be aware that the Phillies play the Mets at 12:35.

    If you don’t want to choose these right now, you can come back to this screen later. But they do fill up, and Lloyd will bug you to decide in a week or two.
  9. (SPECIAL EVENTS) There are more of these than every before. Traditionally we don’t sign up for any of these. Note that some of them cost money, and our PO will not cover that. Check any that you like, but note that some are on Saturday and Sunday.
  10. (YOUR CONFERENCE EXPERIENCE) For the funding question, it is “My employer”. You are not booking rooms in the official housing block.
  11. (REVIEW AND FINALIZE) This is where you pay. Most of us will enter a PO confirmation code from a PO from LPS. You should have that code in a separate email from me.
  12. (THANK YOU FOR REGISTERING) Nothing really to do here.
  13. Remember your username/password so you can select your Creation Lab sessions.
  14. There is a separate document that we started after ISTE a few years ago with general advice (it covers a WIDE range of topics). I think it’s worth reading. If you’ve been to ISTE before, feel free to add your own advice as well.

That should be all you have to do for now. Everything below this paragraph isn’t relevant yet.

Registration Reimbursement Instructions (most of you don’t need this):

  1. On Sheila’s Canvas site, on the Important Forms tab, in the Title IIA section, click on “Contract – Less than $500” (even though this is more than $500).
  2. The document will download. Open it (just click on it in the download area at the bottom of your browser in Chrome). 
  3. You can type right into the document:
    1. Your name
    2. Your address (include zip code)
    3. Services Rendered: ISTE Conference Registration
    4. Date of Services: June 23, 2019 – June 26, 2019
    5. Amount Due for Services: $0.00
    6. Amount Due for Expenses: $550
    7. Your Social Security Number
    8. Organizational Form: Individual
    9. Signature
    10. Date
    11. Email
    12. Phone
    13. Attach the receipt that ISTE emailed to you.
    14. Attach your credit card statement (feel free to black out any other transactions) or print just this transaction from your credit card’s online site. They will want to see your name and this transaction.
  4. Give those three things to Sheila. 

NOTE: I took the instructions below off of this document, because they do not seem to be available yet. I’ll send out information on them separately if/when they are available.

(Special Events) I don’t know much about these. We won’t be able to do the Saturday ones, but the others should work. I guess sign up for them if you want. Our first official event is the keynote and it is after these special events.

(BYOD sessions) These sessions are popular and will fill up well before the conference. You can pick one per day to pre-register for and you are guaranteed to get a seat in that session. This is the kind of conference where there are sessions that fill up. If any of them look interesting, I’d just go ahead and choose it now. You can change this later, but, in my experience, people forget to go back and sign up for these. You get a total of 3 (one per day, not one per time slot).

(MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS) You will only see this if you pay the extra to become a member. I have subscribed to the ISTE periodicals in the past, and don’t feel like they are worth the price. If you want one, let me know. We certainly don’t want more than one subscription for the school. The Professional Learning Networks are nice. Click on as many as you are interested in. If you want to know more about one first, you can find out more here. You get added to a list serve with other like minded people.

To get to these sessions:

  1. Log into your account at http://conference.iste.org
  2. Click on Attendee Menu
  3. Click on the blue BYOD sessions link near the middle of the page
  4. You can select one (1) session per day (not per time slot)
  5. Note that we will not be in Philadelphia until the afternoon on Sunday and these BYOD session are the only sessions on Sunday. We have traditionally not attended BYOD sessions on Sunday afternoon (they just started them last year), but you are welcome to if any interest you. We typically check out the convention center and then do some sight-seeing until the keynote on Sunday evening. 
  6. But how do you decide which ones? The titles are often not enough.
    1. Go to https://conference.iste.org/2019/program/search/
    2. On the left side, open Format
    3. Open Explore and Create
    4. Check BYOD and BYODex (extended time)
    5. Open any that you are interested in and make note of them or register right from that screen. I recommend making note of them as you will probably be deciding between a couple.
  7. You will register for a total of 3 BYOD sessions (4 if you want to go to one on Sunday).
  8. Chose Special Events.Most of these are either on Sunday, usually before we arrive, or specialty events planned by an ISTE subgroup. I didn’t sign up for any of these. You can actually skip these next steps if you want. 
  9. Go back to the Attendee menu page 
  10. Click on Special events
  11. Select any that you are interested in. 
Updated on March 23, 2023

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