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Subscribing to Lincoln Lutheran Calendars

You can subscribe to Lincoln Lutheran Calendars by going to lincolnlutheran.org, clicking on menu then the Calendar icon (near the top middle), and then clicking on the various links to subscribe to the calendar(s) that you want.

Or, since you’re already here, you can click on these links:

  • A/B Day Calendar just which days are A and B days for class schedules
  • School Events things like breaks, picture day, and the like
  • Activities Calendars for practices and games. This one is more complicated:
    • Click “View Schedules” on the right.
    • Check the schedules that you are interested in.
    • Click the VIEW button below the check boxes
    • A new windows pops up
    • Click the Subscribe button in the upper right of that new window
    • Yet another window pops up. Click on the FIRST icon for the way you want to subscribe.
Updated on August 2, 2023

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