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Preparing loaner/rental iPads

Note: There is a backup of the loaner iPads on Mr. Sommerer’s computer if you don’t have the Model Loaner iPad anymore. This is more of a bother, because you have to add the restrictions. If you have to do this, make a new Model iPad.

  1. The Model iPad is in the lower right drawer of Mr. Sommerer’s desk.
  2. Erase the iPad that you are preparing (not the Model iPad).
  3. Choose the Language and Country on the iPad you are preparing.
  4. Bring the Model iPad to the iPad you are preparing; unlock the model iPad.
  5. Follow the instructions and prompts to copy from the model iPad to the one you are preparing.
  6. Once that is done, change the name on the new iPad, and finished setting it up by saying you will finish setting things up later.
  7. On the Model iPad, go into settings and say you don’t want to erase this iPad.
Updated on February 23, 2024

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