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New Student Accounts Checklist

  • PowerSchool account created. with name, grade level, next grade level, and DOB.
  • Parent access key created p.studentfirst.studentlast with password and enabled.
  • Parent told how to create PowerSchool account and enter student data via PowerSchool Forms.
  • Student PowerSchool access accounts and password created and enabled, including 2nd email address.
  • Student google @llwarriors.org account created with passwords.
  • Student put in “Class of” Google group for their year.
  • Student put in correct OU for their year in Google.
  • Student Zoom account created.
  • Student wifi account created.
  • Student class schedule created.
  • Student llwarriors.org website created for 8-12 students.
  • NOTE: wait until the next day for Canvas to update.
  • Optional: add student password to Canvas so they don’t have to set it themself.
Updated on January 10, 2022

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