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How do I join Apple Classroom on an iPad

Student Note: if you have an Apple Laptop, you will find Classroom under System Preferences if you have OS 10.14 or later.

Teacher Note: You should create your class before asking students to join it.

1) When a teacher asks you to join Apple Classroom, open Settings. You should see a button for Classroom underneath the Bluetooth button.

2) You should see the class that you are in joining. Click on it.

3) If this is your first Apple Classroom class, you will add your name. Pro Tip: Enter your real name, your teacher will see the name and no one else will. Then enter the code that your teacher has on the board.

4) There are two settings that you will want to change at the bottom of the screen. These settings, like all of Apple Classroom settings, are only in effect when you are in the classroom. They won’t work at your house or anywhere else. This is because Apple Classroom uses a BlueTooth connection which is a very short range technology. 

  • Lock Apps and Devices: Your teacher might ask you to do something specific here or they might say you can do what you want. 
  • AirPlay and View Screen: Change this one to Always. This will let the teacher share your screen with the whole class and let the teacher know that you are working on what you are suppose to work on.

5) You should be ready to go. After the teacher confirms your addition to the class, you will see their name.

Updated on September 4, 2019

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