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Bells are not working

When the bells are not working it is probably because the Bell Commander program can not communicate with the phone system. This is probably a networking issue. I would try these things:

1. Try to ping the phone system: from the start menu run cmd and when the terminal comes up type, “ping” If that works then restart the BellCommander service (see 4)

2. If you can’t ping the phone system then from the terminal type “route print” and make sure there is a route to the network. If not, there is a batch file on the desktop with a command that you can copy and paste into the terminal to add the route. Try pinging again.

3. Restart the BellCommander service: from the Start Menu right-click on My Computer and choose Manage. Click Services on the left and restart the BellCommander service on the right.

4. Restart the whole computer. This will take about 6 minutes, but only the bells will be down during that time.

5. In the past there have been problems with the Windstream equipment. Do a hard reset on the Cisco switch (and if that doesn’t work the top Adtran box) then go back to  #1. WARNING: This will knock out the Phone system for a little bit.

Updated on August 4, 2022

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